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Things That Stay the Same, Things That Change.

Part of growing means being able to accept the changes that go along with this process. As you grow, you are constantly learning faster and more efficient ways of doing things. You learn new tips and tricks that make your day and life, in general, easier. In the case of our business, this is no different. Over the last couple of months we have grown rapidly which means we’ve made a lot of exciting changes! Our social media presence and blog have been part of these changes. So, if you happen to stumble upon us on the web in the next couple of weeks and realize that things are looking a little different from the past, don’t be alarmed!

Even though growth does mean an exorbitant amount of change, it doesn’t necessarily mean that EVERYTHING has to change.  There will always be things that stay the same and things that remain constant. I like to think of these things as the salt and peppers of life.  No matter what changes you makes, you will still always need your salts and peppers. Coincidentally, a few weeks ago, our staff was treated to a salt and pepper tasting. While it sounds simple, it actually was an experience that blew our minds. To find out that there were so many different types of salt and peppers, it left our foodie minds all giddy with possibility.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be blogging in installments about the different types of salts and peppers that we’ve tried, about how we’ve incorporated them into our dishes, and especially about our favorites.

In our first installment, i’d like to highlight what has seemed to be the fan favorite of our staff; Viking Smoked Sea Salt. I was thrilled to be able to take a sample of this home to share. Trust me when I say, this particular salt has a STRONG flavor. If you open the container and take a good whiff you’d swear that you were at a bonfire. A Salty delicious bonfire!!! We can thank the vikings for devising the style in which this salty treasure is obtained. It’s made by evaporating seawater in a vessel over an open and smokey fire that contains juniper, cherry, elm, beech, and oak.

My favorite application has been using this salt to season sauces. It definitely adds a different depth that you wouldn’t be able to obtain with your more generic salts. Heed my warning though, A little bit goes a long way!!!