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Wedding Tips: The Rehearsal Dinner

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The rehearsal dinner is probably the second most important day in the slew of monumental events surrounding your wedding. Others may include the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, but the rehearsal dinner is the beginning of the main event.

Traditionally, the Rehearsal dinner is held (as the name suggests) after the wedding rehearsal with the wedding party the day before the wedding.

Many who are planning their wedding are often stressed about following traditions and doing everything by the book.

I often have people asking while they begin to plan their weddings and rehearsal dinners, “Is it okay if I do that?”.

The answer is an overwhelming YES!

It is YOUR wedding and YOUR wedding rehearsal dinner, so if you want to step away from the tradition, by all means, go for it!

Here are a few modern ideas to consider while planning your rehearsal dinner:

First of all, do not feel as though you have to only invite those in the wedding party.

Invite your friends, family, significant others, anyone you would want to your rehearsal dinner! Do not feel obligated one way or the other. I once planned a rehearsal diner for 80 guests. Nothing is too big or too small.

Next, while most people tend to choose to have their rehearsal dinners at a restaurant, you could consider having it catered at your home, or the home of one of your family members as well.

This is a good idea if you want to keep your rehearsal dinner personal, intimate, and really focus the guests on chatting and getting to know one another over a glass of wine or a cocktail. By eliminating other restaurant diners, it really focuses everyone on the couple, and each other, which is important when you are bringing two families together as one.

In addition to feeling at ease in a setting you are used to, there are even more opportunities available to personalize you evening, from pictures, to your favorite music rather than the restaurant soundtrack, to the availability of outside and inside mingling, weather permitted.

There are some great caterers out there (ourselves here at KMK Creatives being one of them!) Who can create the ease of going out to a restaurant in the comfort of your own home.

Consider a low-key buffet style dinner, or a three course sit down meal, maybe a dessert buffet for you chocolate lovers out there, or even come up with a signature drink for you and your sweetie to make your night stand out–and ease some of the pre-wedding nerves. Believe it or not, the bride isn’t the only one stressing! I guarantee the parents and the best man and maid of honor are right there with you!

Another tradition surrounding the rehearsal dinner is that is should always be the night before the wedding and after the rehearsal.

This means you better be careful about just how much alcohol you are drinking!

Chances are the big day will start very early, and if you are anything like me, those circumstances are not conducive to getting rid of a hangover.

Recently, I find that guests are coming to plan their rehearsal dinner two days before their wedding, leaving one day of rest and relaxation (and time to milk a hangover) in between the rehearsal and the wedding.

Anything goes!