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Behind The Scenes: Initial Planning: Harry Potter Birthday Party

When one of our favorite clients approached us about planning a Harry Potter themed birthday bash for her twelve year old son, we have to admit that the child in all of us got a little (okay, very) excited.

Here we will show you some of the steps we have taken in the initial planning phase of this particular party.

The first thing we do when planning a complex or larger event is to create a mood board. What is a mood board? Good question. A mood board is just like it sounds. It’s a board that we post anything on that we think sets the mood of our event. (see our Harry Potter Board above). This may include images, color swatches, icons, etc. The list is endless. Basically, it is organized chaos of anything that we may find that we can put on to the board to inspire creativity. These visuals also help our staff to get on the same page with the type and tone of the event. It’s Point A, if you will.

Originally when we founded our company we did mood boards the old fashioned way (Cut and paste! ARGH!) but with the addition of moodshare software (finally!) we have been able to create digital boards that our entire event team can share and modify anywhere wifi allows, which is great when we are on the go. Not only are we happy to not be knee-deep in scissors and elmers glue anymore, but being able to add media files to our boards as well has offered up a whole other depth of inspiration.

After we finish our board we start pulling more concrete ideas from it. One of the first is a color scheme. (See our scheme above) The Color scheme we have chosen for this particular event comes from the colors that make up the four houses of Hogwarts, the wizarding school in HP. After we select the colors, we make a chart of the exact percentages and colors that we have chosen. This ensures that no matter what type of project, whether it be one of our chefs constructing a dessert table or one of our designers creating invitations, we all have the same colors to pull from.

…To be continued.