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Glowing Light Jars

It’s the little things that really add to the atmosphere of an event and one of our favorite things are candles and mood lighting. We are on an endless search to come up with new concepts, lighting crafts, designs, patterns, and placements. Recently at one of our electro themed events we thought it would be fun to use something with a neon glow instead of ordinary candles so we used glow stick light jars to add a creative twist. It’s a really neat candle alternative and it has endless design possibilities.

Here’s how to create the simplest form of glow stick light jars.

First, a quick lesson on glow sticks;

The tube in the middle of the glow stick that you break is made of fiberglass. This is not something to mess with. When you cut open the glow stick be extremely careful and wear gloves. There are two chemicals, the chemicals contained within the fiberglass tube and the chemicals outside of the fiberglass tube are what mix together to create the glow. While these chemicals are non-toxic and non-flammable you will still want to make sure that they don’t get on your furniture or skin. They will stain!

To create these bad boys all you need are glow sticks (There are a host of different places where you can buy them in bulk or you can even find them at the dollar store), Jars, kitchen gloves, scissors, and something absorbent like paper towels or toilet paper.

First, Snap the glow stick to activate the glow

Second, put the absorbent paper into the jar. If you wish to create layers with different colors, then only don’t fill the jars all the way.

Third, With your gloves on, cut open one end of the glow stick and poor the glowing contents into the jar.

Repeat as many times as you wish. It’s that simple!

Note: There are a lot of people who have said mixing water in the jar helps to keep the glow. Simply put, it won’t.

For other design ideas you can draw different patterns on the paper in black ink before putting it in the jar or find other little trinkets that correspond to your event to put in the jar. The possibilities are endless.