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The Wedding Coordinator

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Whenever I tell people that I am a wedding Coordinator the immediate question to follow is, “What do you do?”

With wedding season freshly upon us I find myself encountering this question more frequently, and I also find that I have a fairly difficult time explaining my job in a simple, one or two sentence answer like someone in an office, or a restaurant manager, or a babysitter may be able to do.

So what does a wedding coordinator do and why may you need one?

Getting married is certainly a monumental and important moment in your life. The day is all about you!

You get to choose the food you are eating (buffet, or sit down dinner?)

The music you listen to (band, or DJ?)

The dresses your bridal party wears (all the same? Different?)
Your bridal party!
Your photographer (How many do you need? How much money is too much?)
Your videographer (Same as above…hm…)
Your venue (Grandma’s backyard? A hotel ballroom? A golf course?)
Your cake (Chocolate or Vanilla? How many tiers? Multiple flavors?)
Your florist and flowers (How many? Where? What are my colors?)
Your linens (Do you want chair covers? Are you renting chairs? Does the venue have linens?)

While all of these questions probably seem exciting to many, it may also be overwhelming. How do you know that you are choosing a reliable vendor and getting the most back for the money that you spend?

On such a special day, you probably don’t want to leave much up to chance, and THIS is where the Wedding Coordinator comes in.

Most of us have seen our fair share of vendors.

We have seen those that charge you an arm and a leg for one person and 4 hours worth of photography, or those that charge you an appropriate amount, while not cheap, for 3 photographers and some of the best pictures you have ever seen.

We have seen DJ’s who read the guests and play great music, and those who mispronounce the Bride and Grooms name.

A Wedding Coordinator can help point you in the right direction and find you some really great people to help share your special day with.

Furthermore, on the day of the wedding,  the Wedding Coordinator can be your eyes and your ears and your timeline, so that you can sit back, sip champagne, and enjoy the day with your friends, family, and husband to be.

The Wedding Coordinator will help to plan the time slots for you and your bridesmaids hair and makeup, will ensure that the hair and makeup artist arrives on site on time and gets set up in the appropriate area.

The Wedding Coordinator will line up your wedding party in the appropriate order and cue their entrance into the ceremony, as well as cue the start of the music, all while ensuring this is occurring on time.

The Wedding Coordinator will lead your wedding party to the appropriate area after leaving the ceremony for pictures, and ensure that the photographer arrived on site on time and know where people are coming from to get the best shots.

The Wedding Coordinator will make sure the venue is doing their job and that you and your wedding party get beverages or food, while the rest of your guests adjourn to the reception. Your Wedding Coordinator will lead them to the reception if on site or be sure they know where they are going if it is off site.

The Wedding Coordinator will time and line up your party for the entrance into the reception, be sure to cue the DJ and ensure he knows how to pronounce your names….make sure the videographer and photographers know where you are coming from.

Furthermore before even arriving to the reception the Wedding Coordinator will ensure that the florists, linens, and any other vendors arrive on time and set things up the way that YOU want them set up, so that when you walk into the reception you see what you imagined you would see without so much as lifting a finger.

The Wedding Coordinator will get you when it is time for your first dance,  cutting of the cake or toasts, or mother/daughter or father/son dances, so that you can just sit back and relax until told to do otherwise. (As if cutting cake isn’t relaxing enough!)

So how can I sum this all up when someone asks, “So, what do you do?”

I suppose I ensure everything that is supposed to be at your wedding is at your wedding in the way that you want it, as well as time the flow of the day and ensure that the bride has no worries other than keeping her champagne full for the entire day. I am your eyes, your ears, and your voice, so that you can sit back and relax as everything you dreamed unfolds around you.

Wedding Tips: The Rehearsal Dinner

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The rehearsal dinner is probably the second most important day in the slew of monumental events surrounding your wedding. Others may include the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, but the rehearsal dinner is the beginning of the main event.

Traditionally, the Rehearsal dinner is held (as the name suggests) after the wedding rehearsal with the wedding party the day before the wedding.

Many who are planning their wedding are often stressed about following traditions and doing everything by the book.

I often have people asking while they begin to plan their weddings and rehearsal dinners, “Is it okay if I do that?”.

The answer is an overwhelming YES!

It is YOUR wedding and YOUR wedding rehearsal dinner, so if you want to step away from the tradition, by all means, go for it!

Here are a few modern ideas to consider while planning your rehearsal dinner:

First of all, do not feel as though you have to only invite those in the wedding party.

Invite your friends, family, significant others, anyone you would want to your rehearsal dinner! Do not feel obligated one way or the other. I once planned a rehearsal diner for 80 guests. Nothing is too big or too small.

Next, while most people tend to choose to have their rehearsal dinners at a restaurant, you could consider having it catered at your home, or the home of one of your family members as well.

This is a good idea if you want to keep your rehearsal dinner personal, intimate, and really focus the guests on chatting and getting to know one another over a glass of wine or a cocktail. By eliminating other restaurant diners, it really focuses everyone on the couple, and each other, which is important when you are bringing two families together as one.

In addition to feeling at ease in a setting you are used to, there are even more opportunities available to personalize you evening, from pictures, to your favorite music rather than the restaurant soundtrack, to the availability of outside and inside mingling, weather permitted.

There are some great caterers out there (ourselves here at KMK Creatives being one of them!) Who can create the ease of going out to a restaurant in the comfort of your own home.

Consider a low-key buffet style dinner, or a three course sit down meal, maybe a dessert buffet for you chocolate lovers out there, or even come up with a signature drink for you and your sweetie to make your night stand out–and ease some of the pre-wedding nerves. Believe it or not, the bride isn’t the only one stressing! I guarantee the parents and the best man and maid of honor are right there with you!

Another tradition surrounding the rehearsal dinner is that is should always be the night before the wedding and after the rehearsal.

This means you better be careful about just how much alcohol you are drinking!

Chances are the big day will start very early, and if you are anything like me, those circumstances are not conducive to getting rid of a hangover.

Recently, I find that guests are coming to plan their rehearsal dinner two days before their wedding, leaving one day of rest and relaxation (and time to milk a hangover) in between the rehearsal and the wedding.

Anything goes!

Margarita 101

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If there’s one thing that I love about Cinco de Mayo, it’s the attention that one of my favorite drinks get – The Margarita.  Back when I was bartending at a well-known tequila bar on Lansdowne street, across from Fenway Park, not only did I serve copious amounts of tequila shots and tacos to Red Sox player celebrating their victories, but it’s where I began to grow an appreciation for a well crafted Marg.

There are many variations of a Margarita. Of course, you have the standard bar variation: Pour well tequila, a splash of triple sec, a squirt of lime juice, and fill with whatever packaged sour mix is on hand. What you often end up with is a margarita that has lost all of it’s flavor to the sourness. We already shared with you some really fun things to stock your bar with this weekend, but here’s the secret to mixing a good Margarita.

First, lets talk about the star of the show: The tequila.
There are five different classes of Tequila’s: Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo. The different classes suggest how long the tequila has been aged for and the manufacturing process. (For example: what type of barrel the tequila was aged in. An oak barrel will obviously give the tequila a more oaky flavor.) Personally, when i’m making  margarita, I would go with either a silver tequila (blanco) or a repasado, the finer tequila, like Anejo and Extra Anejo, are meant to sip on, not mask. A silver tequila also gives the Margarita a better color  and the darker tequilas have a more oaky flavor which don’t mix very well with a sour flavor.

The next step is usually where a good margarita can easily turn bad. The key to a great margarita is freshness. So, heed my following advice. 1. HOLD the triple sec, grand marnier, or any other orange flavored liquor. You don’t need it. Let the tequila have it’s day in the limelight. 2. DO NOT buy sweet and sour bar mix or any other store-bought pre-packaged sour mix. Not only will you regret it the next morning when you wake up with a nasty sugar hangover but again, you will completely over power the taste of your tequila.  Instead use 100% agave nectar. Take the agave nectar and mix it with equal parts water. Agave nectar is just as easy, if not easier to find in your local supermarket then the aforementioned mixes, so NO EXCUSES!

The Preparation is simple:

Start with a Highball glass, and fill with ice. Add 1/2 of a lime squeezed, 2 oz, tequila, fill the rest with your agave nectar mix, shake and you have yourself the perfect tasting margarita.

Prepare your bar! Cinco De Mayo is coming!

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Cinco de Mayo. May 5th. Cinco de drinko. National Margarita day (actually that’s February 22nd…I know this because my birthday is the same day). Regardless, whatever you happen to call it, Cinco de Mayo is a great day to kick back and enjoy some delicious food and drink.

What is it, exactly, that we are celebrating, you ask?

 In regions of Mexico, May 5th is called “El Dia de la Batalla de la Puebla” (English translation: The day of the battle of Puebla) and is observed to commemorate the mexicans surprising victory over french forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. To celebrate, many special events are held highlighting mexico’s culture, especially in food, music, and dancing.

But lets be real. Cinco De Mayo is a day synonymous with mass amounts of alcohol consumption just like St Patrick’s Day. However,  instead of green beer and car bombs, we’re here to share with you some other delicious treats to help you liven up this Saturday’s fiestas!

Here’s a few of KMKCreatives Bar must-haves for Cinco De Mayo:

The Paloma Cocktail

I love this cocktail. It’s like a margarita with bubbles and it’s super simple to make.

  • 1 1/2 ounces of reposado agave tequilla
  • Juice from half of a lime
  •  grapefruit flavored soda (Try the brand squirt)

Fill a glass with ice, pour in tequilla, lime juice, and top with the grapefruit soda.

Tamarind-Chili Syrup

For for a sweet and spicy tequilla shot or drink alternative – Try mixing in a little tamarind- chili Syrup.

The syrup itself will take you about ten minutes to make and can be stored up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Mix it with tequilla over ice or as a shot for a little sweet heat this Cinco de Mayo! Here’s the recipe for the syrup:

  • 4 dried arbol chiles, stems removed and crumbled
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 2/3 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/3 cup seedless tamarind paste

Put all the ingredients in a saucepan on the stove and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally

until the mixture is consistent throughout and the sugar is dissolved. Remove from the heat, cool,

strain, and use!

Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is a sweetener produced in South Africa and Mexico. It’s less viscous than honey, just a touch sweeter, and doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste that most artificial sweeteners do. It’s an easy to find product in your local grocery store. Try it in this Reposado Old-Fashioned cocktail this Cinco De Mayo:

Muddle the cherries, nectarines, and agave nectar in a glass. Fill the glass with ice, pour in your tequilla, give it a stir, and garnish.

Bohemia Obscura Beer

Yes, Coronas are nice. But they are standard at any bar all year round. This is a holiday, dammit! It demands something special. Something like Bohemia Obscura. It’s a malty beer with cherry and nutty notes and hint of hoppy bitterness.  Perfect for a tequilla shot chaser! The only downside is that it may be a little difficult to find, but you can try some online specialty beer stores or it’s counterpart, Bohemia Clasica, is a little more common in local retail stores.  

Happy and Safe Cinco De Mayo Everyone!